Meeting changing needs is a constant challenge for school bus operators and Thomas has found a way to help. The new Minotour with a flat floor and no wheel wells, can quickly change from regular seating to special needs and back in a flash.”With the Minotour’s flat floor and track seating, fleet managers can reconfigure the floor plan of the bus for special needs, regular seating or a little of both, “said Scott Fredrickson, Type A bus sales manager. “Fleets need teh capability to change a bus floor plan quickly. For maximum use, it isn’t realistic to have a special needs bus with a fixed floor plan because needs will continue to change from year to year and route to route.”Track seating allows reconfiguration in minimal time. With the Minotour flat floor bus, fleets have greater flexibility to meet changing needs of the students on its route.”Including Minotour flat floor buses as a part of a school bus fleet is a good use of equipment with a solid return on investment for districts,” added Fredrickson.In addition to its strength as a quick-change artist, the Minotour flat floor bus also features a stylish new front cap design that will progress into the other models of Minotour in the future.

Need floor plan flexibility?
The Minitour EL flat floor is the solution.

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